Creative Strategist, São Paulo
I've been working with creative strategy for over 10 years. Because I love being involved in the process from start to finish, I've always sought opportunities that allowed me to be in the intersection of strategy and creative: leading projects, concepting and executing integrated campaigns. I’m a results-driven, dedicated, communicative professional with excellent interpersonal relationship.

Rexona women, 2020Rexona women, 2020

Dance is a big part of brazilian culture and when summer and carnival arrives!
Over here, our hero and hitmaker Anitta is the most popular singer and a great dancer. She has her own carnival block parade that gathers more than 400.000 people. And she joined Rexona so we could collab and make 3 new fragrances that offered better protection.

But how to overcome one of the most cluttered media contexts (Brazil’s carnival) and also communicate product features? Answer: Entertainment + Share of culture

Through a cultural tracking, we’ve identified one of the most trendy European hits that would achieve it’s peak of hype in BR during carnival. The music “Baila Conmigo”. This song had the potential to create the dancing atmosphere that the brand needed and also became a meme at the same time.

So with the major hitmaker Anitta, we've also developed a hit - a Baila Conmigo version inspired by Brega Funk beats.
And our campaign invited everyone to come out and move so we could inspire them to dance without worries.

The choreography had invaded the SP, RJ and SSA carnival, connecting the party, influencers and the consumers with the brand and the product.

/ More than organic 152.5M impacts trough 600 contents generated about the campaign.
/ The last 10 years best sell-out result for an innovation product.

Amaro, campanha institucional.Amaro, campanha institucional.

Fashion has always revolutionised behaviours and Amaro has come to continue this revolution in a different way: new collections based on a rich data intelligence and an impeccable consumer experience. The film tells this story, bringing a lot of movement from the dance and going through important moments in the story breaking old fashioned taboos.


dr.consulta has a clear purpose: improve Brazilian's health with quality and affordable technology.
Critical issue is that key competitors offer a similar service for an even lower price. It was necessary to find and present the differentials of dr.consulta, without seeming pretentious or distant from people.

So we developed a study to find the most relevant messages related to health and popular clinics to generate awareness in the most powerful and empathic way.


Getting a loan is a taboo in Brazil. People prefer to pretend that everything is okay, ignoring a negative balance instead of facing the truth.

To present Just, an online loan service which aims to improve the financial health of Brazilians, we created three situations based on main financial problems.

Humor was the main drive to talk about it in a less heavy-handed way, promoting conversation and pulling people out of financial inertia.
Não adianta fingir que está tudo bem: Cheque especial.
Não adianta fingir que está tudo bem: Cartão de crédito.
Não adianta fingir que está tudo bem: Empréstimo.
Não adianta fingir que está tudo bem: Cheque especial.
Não adianta fingir que está tudo bem: Cartão de crédito.
Não adianta fingir que está tudo bem: Empréstimo.

Rider R86Rider R86

To celebrate 30 years of Rider in Brazil, the brand relaunched their iconic R86 slides with special editions inspired by the 80's, 90's and 00's

A video starring each model was created, to reminisce about the most memorable moments and objects of the corresponding decades. The photography of the campaign was also inspired by the decades, making the slides into must-have fashion, particularly to an audience with low awareness about the brand.

The result was as expected: the demand for the new R86s was so huge that the products sold out as soon as the campaign was launched.
Color R86
Streetwear photo shooting.
Color R86
Color R86
Streetwear photo shooting.
Streetwear photo shooting.

Nivea Sing AlongNivea Sing Along

In 2016 no one was lonely on Valentine's Day.

Every year Nivea celebrates Brazilian music with the Nivea Viva project. In its fifth edition, we took advantage of Valentine's Day proximity and launched the project Nivea Sing Along.

It was the first time Spotify allowed the use of its users' data in a branded app. Nivea Sing Along analyzed musical tastes (through data) to discover perfect couples to match.

- Won the MaxiMidia/RBS award for the Spotify + Nivea Canta Comigo project (Best Use of Radio and Digital Music)

Samsung Chef ExperienceSamsung Chef Experience

To introduce Samsung's new line of gourmet appliances, we created a platform with exclusive content and real-time interactions. The project was implemented in Brazil, Chile, Peru, Dominican Republic and Colombia.

Renowned chefs were invited to share their passion for cooking and their cooking tips. More than a content or sales platform, we set out to provide a useful service. In real time, chefs responded to consumers' queries using the #SamsungChefHelper hashtag on Twitter. On Saturdays, the same chefs shared their favourite recipes via live streaming on Twitter. Many partners were selected for this project, Vice, for example, was responsible for extra lifestyle content.

AXE Throne of LoveAXE Throne of Love

In 2013 we created a platform analyzing Facebook data to find out what was the most seductive and therefore most dominant family — the first "seduction census", so to speak. The idea followed the logic that the most popular surname in Brazil, represented a family that had more success in generating heirs.

Our theory at the time was that the surname "Silva" would be the most popular in Brazil, so we invited Anderson Silva to be the project ambassador. Anderson recorded a series of videos challenging men to steal Silva's throne by doing a simple Facebook Connect.

Further information emerged because of Facebook cross-data, for example: men with Souza surnames were dominant in São Paulo, or that men with Silva surnames knew more women from Dias families. We used this kind of information to generate brand content.

Fruttare MillionaireFruttare Millionaire

Fruttare has always been known in Brazil for dishing out prizes on a popsicle stick. This time we wanted the brand to go further than a free popsicle: we wanted to give out one million reais!

To generate buzz about the prize, we summoned the most famous socialite in Brazil: Narcisa Tamborindeguy, who was then part of a famous TV show about rich women.

Narcisa starred a video teaching Brazilians how to be millionaires: buying yachts, mansions, helicopters. The video was designed to be highly shareable, while also generating awareness about the promotion.

Becel & Hcor partneshipBecel & Hcor partneship

Apart from a few anxious ones, Brazilians don't usually stress about problems they don't necessarily have at the time. Therefore, heart care is the least of their priorities.

To create awareness about heart care, we created the platform Love your Heart. The site features health information and statistics about diseases, risk factors, testimonials of people who have gone through heart diseases and a doctor - Doctor Heart - to answer questions by users.

The platform was so successful that the Heart Hospital of São Paulo adopted it as the official platform of its heart institute. Love your Heart's presence reverberated beyond the digital sphere: events to stimulate blood pressure monitoring, cholesterol testing and awareness of healthy habits were held throughout the country.

Gloss MagazineGloss Magazine

Gloss magazine changed its positioning and format to get closer to the reader. The "GLOSS got my back" campaign stimulated the exchange of ideas and experiences between the magazine and its readers.

The film was inspired by the countless decisions women make that may change everything in their lives everyday. The magazine is as a support: whatever decisions they make, the magazine offers references to help them.

Cheetos, the gameCheetos, the game

In 2014 Cheetos launched its new positioning in Brazil, presenting Chester Cheetah as an older brother. He became a more responsible character, especially on matters related to healthy eating and sustainability.

To present this new concept to parents and children, we created a Farmville-style game. Chester was responsible for a corn plantation (emphasizing the product's main ingredient) and turning it into snacks in a sustainable factory in the middle of the forest.

By engaging children in an educational game, we also drew parents' attention to the product's new formulation.

Creative ConsultancyCreative Consultancy

Consultancy for projects / professionals / platforms related to the universe of art & lifestyle. I'm specialized in the development of: Content and channels strategy; Consulting on special projects; Branding; Executive production and creative project management.

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